Friday 8 February 2008

The streets of... São Paulo!

After spending a morning at the day care center (my voluntary job in a poor and violent neighbourhood - a favela - in the south of São Paulo), we met these 'amigos' in the streets. Even after 4 years of living here, it still amazes me...

This morning I went out for a walk with our dog and saw a lot of big trees in full bloom. They're just gorgeous. The green scenery and the early sunlight give some extra to it!

Went out again with a camera to make some picuters to share these with you.

Have a look (these are the streets in our little, green neighbourhood in the immense city of São Paulo):


Rumour has it said...

In die straten zou ik ook wel nog eens willen lopen... prachtige bloemen overal. En die paarden, zijn die 'wild'? Mooie dieren zijn het. Je banner is TOP!!

Anja said...

Wat een postcard-plaatjes. Wat moet het daar heerlijk zijn! Bedankt voor de mooie foto's hoor, zo proef ik ook een beetje van de zomer in Sao Paulo!


Sim...moramos no mesmo bairro!!!!!!...rsrsrsr
E nosso bairro é D+!!!


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