Thursday 6 March 2008

The life of a... Brazilian dog!

Our little lady Senna went to the beauty salon today. She had a bath, nails were done and teeth were cleaned. The treatment took about an hour and a half and she's got a nice perfume now. This is what she looked like when I picked her up:

(can you imagine, there are 24 hour pet shops in São Paulo, dogs have a 'banho' almost every week and still there are many people living on the streets, no home, no food, no nothing... the contrast is too big to be honoust)


Splashes of Pink and Mint said...

What a beauty! En ze kijkt zo lief! Heeft ze nu speldjes in haar haar?????

Solange said...

goh, wat schattig. Ze is echt helemaal verzorgd tot in de puntjes nu.
ja, ik kan me voorstellen dat je dat vreemd vind, al die daklozen en dan 24 hondensalons....mmm.
mis je nederland soms een beetje? of helemaal niet?

ik mis hier het zonnetje wel hoor!

groetjes en een fijn weekend,


Mirka said...

Ze ziet er prachtig uit. Maar ik kan me voorstellen dat er gemengde gevoelens ontstaan over de grote verschillen die men daar ziet.

Rumour has it said...

Hm, luxehondje! :D
Ik heb ooit die schrijnende tegenstellingen van arm en rijk in Mexico meegemaakt. De kloof is daar ook zo groot. Fijne zondag!

Anonymous said...

Ooh,she is so beautiful and adorable:)I love dogs (and all other animals too)but dogs are close to my heart.I have little chihuahua-girl and she is my baby:)

stadtgarten said...

She looks beautiful. Did she like the treatment?
But it really seems uncredible that in a country with millions of very poor people such luxury for dogs is "normal".
Have a nice week!
Groetjes, Monika

Janaina said...

Inacreditável, mesmo... me faz sentir tanta vergonha do meu país...:o(
Ah! A Senna é uma fofa!:o)
Brasileira casada com Holandês, morando em SP? Acertei?!
Um bj de uma carioca, casada com um militar e morando em Aracaju (argh...)há 3 anos e meio.


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