Monday 5 May 2008

São Paulo: city of the future!

The economic heart of Brazil: that's São Paulo.
But a real tourist location? No, no way.

There are plenty of hotels and it's business all year 'round.

Brazil still is a third world country, but if you're in São Paulo, you wouldn't say that (depending on where you are in São Paulo of course).

Brazil is really developping and major constructions are going on the last years.

One very important construction is the new bridge over the river Pinheiros, between the Brooklin and Morumbi area. It's a unique project: a one of a kind. A bridge never ever has been built this way: it's hanging on iron cables, no supports... can you imagine?

Have a look, it also is very photogenic project:

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Realmente, ela está linda!!! minha irmã que mora para aqueles lados, não ve hora dela ficar pronta, quem sabe o trânsito melhora...hihihi


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