Wednesday 25 June 2008

Some more garden pictures

Gina, my parents'cat, isn't she cute?
One of the things I miss living in Brazil is gardening. The soil is too difficult for me (too hard), I know nothing about the exotic plants and sometimes you meet visitors in your garden you prefer not to meet (we once had a cobra...). So our garden is taken care of by a real gardener.
The little gardening I do, is limited to plants, flowers and herbs in vases. I love that (although it doesn't feel like the real work) but it's far from the satisfying feeling you have after a real day of work in the garden (feeling all your muscles protest, seeing the results and taking a long, warm and relaxing bath after the hard work!).
Anyway, one of my favorite things to do together with my mom, is visiting all kinds of gardens (always beautiful and inspiring). My mom loves it and so do I.
Sure we'll see some more gardens the next coming weeks. But for now I leave you with some snapshots from her charming garden:


LiLi M. said...

Wij hebben precies 1 zo'n waterlelie in de vijver en daar ben ik al zo blij mee...moet nog even geduld hebben hahaha! Heerlijk dat je zo geniet Chantal! Ga lekker zo door en maak er een fijne vakantie van!


O jardim da sua mãe é MARAVILHOOOSOOO!!!
Aproveite td ai...já estou ansiosa pelas próximas fotos...hihihi
Bjos da Lú

Anja said...

Ach meis, the real thing is ook niet alles hoor. Heb vandaag weer peentjes staan zweten op dat onkruid wat o-ve-ral de kop opsteekt in mijn prille tuintje(sgeluk)...

Mooie foto's! Zeg maar tegen moeder dat ze een prachtig stukje groen heeft!


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