Thursday 14 August 2008

Sun? Where??

Some roses for a little bit of sunshine at home!
Oh I was sooooooo happy when the sun came back!
And what do you think? Yep, raining again! Grrrr!!
No chance to work in the garden, have to keep myself busy at home (no problem either, enough to do and I like that too!).
But rainy days lead to another 'problem':
Tea, coffee and ... chocolate!
Somehow I need to pamper myself with these 3 things to keep me happy during dark, rainy days. Do you recognize that?? Ok, and I admit: there's #4: magazines!!

Have a wonderful & (fingers crossed!) sunny weekend!

Love, C.

1 comment:

Splashes of Pink and Mint said...

Afgezien van de koffie zijn ook dit mijn favoriete ingredienten voor regenachtige dagen, of voor gewone baaldagen. Heerlijk toch om je daar af en toe eens aan over te geven? Gewoon lekker van genieten!


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