Tuesday 12 August 2008

Sunny days are back!

When we arrived back in SP, the winter here really looked like summer. Unfortunately, last Thursday afternoon, it all changed: rain and cold for 3 days in a row. And with cold I really mean COLD. Can you imagine, during the night it's around 8 degrees (yes, yes, I admit, not thát cold). But 8 degrees means: 8 degrees outside ánd inside! The Brazilian houses do not have central heating. Yes, we do have a fire place that helps a little bit (only when you nearly live in the fire place!). But all the little holes and bad construction lead to a terrible draught. The houses are perfect for summer, built to keep the heat and the sun out. That's what they do... that also happens in winter time...

Thanks to the weather gods, it has changed since yesterday: the sun is back and so is the warmth (although it can still be very chilly during the evenings and nights).

The sun brings back the need to do something in the garden and on the terrace (they both need an extreme make over!).

So I'll be busy the coming days and weeks to do that. But promise to keep you updated here!!

Pictures from the Museum of the American Indian - Washington D.C.

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Bertina said...

Hartelijk dank voor je leuke reactie op mijn blog. Ik zie op jouw blog dat je in Brazilie woont. Bijzonder toch dat je via een blog contact krijgt van mensen uit de hele wereld. Dat had ik niet gedacht toen ik een maand geleden mijn eerste stappen in blogland heb gezet! Ik kom zeker nog een keertje bij je terug!Groetjes uit een herfstachtig Holland!


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