Monday 5 January 2009

Forgot to tell you, meaning to write a post about it when it happened...

We had a hail storm at Christmas Eve... Can you imagine, a hail storm in São Paulo in the middle of summer??
And it was pretty scary. We had big palm tree leaves in the garden, my plants and flowers were all damaged, the swimming pool was pitch black... But it looked like we were lucky... the next day (Christmas Day) we walked through our neighbourhood and saw that the streets were full of fallen trees, sometimse you saw trees that had fallen down from behind a garden wall and the wall collapsed too of course.
We still had elecricity, but the main part of the city celebrated Christmas Eve with only candle light, quite romantic (and electricity back only by the end of Christmas Day) .

It all seems to be a result of the climate changes, unfortunately. We really should be more careful with our planet, don't you think?

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