Wednesday 25 March 2009

The last post was # 100... I didn't even know!

And then I left you all for quite a long time, not even on purpose...

OK, I have been quite busy with a visit from friends, a trip to the north-east, but not busy enough to abandon blogging and abandon YOU!.

Anyway, as from post # 101 (this one) on, I promise to be a better blogger!!

I do have a little make over to show you today... After living in this house for a year and a half (with the idea of moving in December 2008), I didn't care for colour on the walls, just thought the plain white was fine (the previous house ánd the previous apartment were full of colour!). But, we're still here and whó knows how much longer (...) so I decided to give it a go with colour again... orange this time!!

Have a look at the result:
I'm happy with it, love the brightness in a pretty dark house!
I'm off to do some shopping now (it's my son's birthday next week, have an international day at my son's school which includes a lot of baking Dutch goodies of course), have a sunny day and 'talk' to you soon!!

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