Friday 28 August 2009

Just a quick post before I go out for lunch... how is my diet ever going to work here???

Anyway, my computer crashed, they thought it was a software prblem but it isn´t, now they´re trying to solve the hardware problem(s)... using my sons computer instead... (which is so slow because of all the games & things he downloaded on it & it has a portuguese key board, can tell you that I´m not happy with that :-0).

The good thing about being without a computer is that I actually got some other things done: I sew a present for a friend and I started the decluttering in my house. So I got quite some bags full of old magazines, the shelves already collapsed under their weight, that I´m now offering my friends & they love it!
Gotta go now!
Have a marvellous weekend & enjoy!!

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