Tuesday 18 May 2010

La Tour Eiffel

full of zinc roofs...
aren't they just gorgeous?
(I used to be in the zinc business, way back...)
This is the view from the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower

Unfortunately we'd chosen a rainy & cloudy evening to go to the top (ca. 300 meters high), but nevertheless, it was spectacular!!

Ecole Militaire


No explanation needed!

a blurry picture, made while driving, but it has a mysterious touch, don't you think?

Even though we've seen La Tour Eiffel so often, every time we drive into the city from the west, my heart makes a little jump by seeing it appear again!

By the way, is the sun out there too? Enjoy it, as long as it lasts!!


Unknown said...

*GLOEP*....dat is hoog!!!! uhhhum....ben er nog nooit geweest, wil wel, maar ja...ooit he ;).
YEP.the sun is out!!!!SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST;).


Eliane Zimmermann said...

those pics from the Tour Eiffel are gorgeous anyway, quite some decades ago that i was up there. and the blurry one is beautiful too.

Carte Blanche Living & Lifestyle said...

Bij goed of slecht weer... Parijs blijft adembenemend interessant!! :D


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