Tuesday 15 June 2010

Project Runway...

No project Runway... wishful thinking!
No. This is Project Curtains. For the bedroom.
Since we moved, we've had some curtains in our bedroom, but never to my full satisfaction.
Decided already a long time ago to use some black & white curtains I had from the living room in our previous house (which I couldn't use in our new house because the dimensions were totally wrong). So finally, I tackled the project. Cut. Sew. It took only 4 months...
Will show the result when all is done, ok?

And what about the World Cup? Do you watch it? The Netherlands won their first match! & today we'll cheer for Brazil of course!

Wish you a cheerful day!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

uhm...om op schema te blijven....ik hoop niet dat je ze pas over 2 maanden klaar hebt???;))))

Aaaaaaaaaaah dus je hebt vandaag weer een reden tot het plaatsen van hapjes en drankjes;)!




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