Tuesday 26 April 2011

A trip to the market in Athens

Of course I had to visit the big market in Athens, full of fish, meat & nuts!

 As it was getting close to Easter, and roasted lamb is THE food served at Easter,
 the lambs were all over the place...

 And there was much more to see...

 Salted cod

Dried fruits &

delicious nuts...
Of course we left with a bag full!!

And now it's back to reality again...
We came home last Friday from our combined Athens & the Netherlands trip.
The same day friends arrived to stay for a few days, family is arriving the upcoming weekend,
so that means cleaning, laundry & organizing the coming days..
And hopefully there'll be some time left to enjoy the sun!

Have a wonderful week!



Mariette said...

Dearest Chantal,

Looks like you had a wonderful trip and even went 'nuts'! We got home too on Friday late afternoon from our 9-day trip to Florida. That was great for being able to swim, read and shop and visit dear friends. No time to decorate for Easter but one cannot have it all... That will be next year's task.

Lots of love,


Unknown said...

uhm.....die noten begrijp ik nog wel maar de rest....was er nou niks met tassen of schoenen ofzo??;))))

hup...de zon in!!!


Unknown said...

ook hier hebben we prachtige dagen achter de rug én een prachtig Paasweekend! Nu 'back to work'!
groetjes, Hilde

Jet said...

Athene is zoooo mooi! Daar wil ik dolgraag nog eens naar terug en dan meer tijd hebben om er te genieten, want ik was er een keer met een zakenreis. Jaja, toen had ik een interessante baan zeg... ;-)


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