Friday 22 July 2011

Summer holidays {part 2}

So after 2 days in Spain, we had to change from Spanish into Portuguese. With 6 years of living in Brazil, this was peanuts ;-)
We left Bilbao early morning and arrived in Lisbon late afternoon, checked in into our hotel, had a swim, a shower & went out for some Japanese food (needed something light after sitting in the car for about 1800 km!).
The next day we went down town by metro for a breakfast (which was around lunch time... we're on holiday!!) and ended up with this view:
 With the stomachs full, we went for an open bustour through the city, it was 37 degrees Celsius so that was a comfortable but still very hot way to explore the city :)) I must admit that I don't like the real tourist things too much, but a bustour gives you an overview of a city, shows you the points of interest so that you can go back afterwards. And usually it's 'hop on - hop off', so you decide yourself when it's enough!!
Not that many pictures made... too hot to lift the camera :)

At night, we went for diner in a very cosy restaurant called Tagide.
It's situated in the heart of Chiado and has a stunning view:
Inside it's nice too:
The next day, after a quick breakfast at the 'padaria' (bakery), we visited part of the Water Museum
But first some pictures from outside, nothing to do with the water but I love the blue Agapanthus:
More from the inside now:
The temperature rose again to 34 degrees Celsius so we decided it was time to cool off in an airconditioned shopping mall. On our walk to the shopping Amoreiras we found some nice old stuff:
We were hungry!
( comments...)
After lunch we took the bus along the river Tagus.
Here are some streetviews (with an overload of sunshine!):
We ended the tour with a visit to the Océanario.
Lots to see, too much to show, so only these cuties made it to the blog, they are really entertaining!
At night we looked for a simple restaurant down town and found one in Bairro Alto, THE place to be for food & nightlife!
 Laundry still drying outside:
 The next morning we left Lisbon via the Vasco da Gama Bridge over the river Tagus:
And that was Lisbon!
I hope you enjoyed the tour?
Next stop: Vilamoura - Algarve.
See you there?


Shane Pollard said...

Thank you Chantal - I enjoyed my tour of Lisbon!
It's so difficult doing the touristy things when it's sooo hot.
I had that problem in Venice - now I would like to go back in March/April!!!

Enjoy your weekend wherever you will be spending it!


It's me said...


Unknown said...

zó leuk dit! echt waar.....leuke voorbereiding op onze vakantie......woehoeeeee..keep talking babes!!;)


Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Chantal,

Well, we did love our Lisbon stay during our 19-day tour of Spain Portugal. We were also lucky to peak inside an old cathedral where the organ played for a wedding that was taking place. Too bad our bus had to leave... we would have loved to stay longer. Loved the bougainvilleas in the city, often just growing almost from the pavement, near entrances of age old restaurants. Such a romantic atmosphere and all the tiles...
Till next stop!
Enjoy your Sunday and lots of love,


Sem Nome said...

Querida Chantal, sua câmera registrou momentos lindos e únicos!!! Adorei tudo! Não conheço Portugal ainda, mas pretendo fazer isso em breve!!
Beijos grandes!! Sua família é linda!!

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Chantal,

Have you ever checked out this blog? You can read it in both languages...

Lots of love,


PS Loved the way your son mimics his Dad!

Madelief said...

Hoi Chantal,

Heerlijk al die zonnige vakantiefoto's! Vooral met dat grijze weer zoals vandaag. Ik ben nog nooit in Lissabon geweest. Het ziet er erg aantrekkelijk uit.

Ik wens je een gezellig weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief x

Unknown said...

lang geleden waren wij ook in Lissabon. leuk zo'n virtuele tour! vakantiekriebels beginnen er aan te komen. nog 2 weken en ook wij zijn weg, naar 'il cuore verde d'Italia', Umbrië dus! Geniet nog van je vakantie! Liefs, hilde xxx


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