Friday 6 January 2012


After a busy week at home, we decided to go away for a couple of days.
So we booked a hotel on Monday afternoon and left on Tuesday morning: to the Dutch North Sea Coast!
And guess what? The weather forecasts promised us lots of rain & a real storm...

We decided to drive via Belgium to the province of Zeeland (in the south-west of the Netherlands). And our first stop was the idyllic Veere. Unfortunately, it was raining cats & dogs and too windy to even think about getting out the camera :) I was happy I could get myself from the car to a little 'brasserie' without any accident!!
But even in the rain, Veere seems to be very beautiful, lots of historic buildings and nice restaurants & shops. Definitely a place to visit again in spring and/or summer.

Then we continued via several bridges belonging to the Delta Werken / Delta Works that are built to protect the land from the sea (this is where the North Sea Flood in 1953 took place). Impressive works, I have to say!

And so we got to our final destination: Rockanje. After a cup of tea the rain stopped and the sun all of a sudden appeared: time for a walk along the beach. Look what a beautiful sunset:

The next morning we went for a run on the beach, followed by a well-deserved breakfast :)
And then to the 'Maasvlakte' where we admired some big container ships arriving and where the wind mills were on full speed (because of the storm, remember?):

In the afternoon we went to Brielle, a fortified city, very charming and beautifully maintained:

By the way, the hotel was in American Lodge style:

Cosy, isn't it?

But, holidays are over, it's back to reality as from tomorrow :)
Have a great week!


Home and Lifestyle said...

Heerlijk om er even uit te zijn, al werd je soms waarschijnlijk omver geblazen!!

Succes aankomende week, hier gaat ook alles weer ouderwets draaien wat school en werk betreft! Maar dat heeft ook wel weer wat!

Lieve groet, Ingrid

Unknown said...

heerlijk zo een paar daagjes er tussenuit! ondanks storm en regenweer hebben jullie toch wat kunnen genieten!

Eline said...

Leuke foto's Chantal, hoop dat jullie een heerlijke tijd gehad hebben. Hier ook volop aan het opstarten (wassen, inkopen, schoonmaken, kerstboom aftuigen etc). Gelukkig regent het buiten. Lfs en hopelijk tot snel

Lfs Eline


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