Monday 28 April 2008

Too orange?

Koninginnedag... Queens'Day

One of the traditional Dutch holidays! On April 30 the Dutch celebrate the birthday of the Queen. As the colour of the Dutch Royal family is orange,m everybody dresses in orange, the streets are orange, etc.
And although I'm far away from home, we do celebrate as well.

We've already had the Orange Ball (a gala party) and a real Koninginnemarkt/Queens' market, including a flea market, a playback show and a 'braderie', little stalls that sell all kinds of stuff. Tomorrow the Consulate of São Paulo is organizing a party as well. And last but nog least, I'm playing the role of the Dutch Queen next Wednesday at the Dutch school here in São Paulo

So for this orange month, I even changed the colours of my blog to orange. But don't worry, it won't stay too long like this (getting hyperactive...).

1 comment:

faire un songe said...

Wat leuk dat jij in den verre stil staat bij dit oer Hollandse feest.
Ik moet ook altijd rond koninginne dag iets oranjes in mijn huis hebben.
dit jaar zijn het de appeltjes van Oranje geworden in de witte potten op de side table.


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