Tuesday 28 October 2008

What a show!

Completely exhausted, but extremely satisfied!

After 6 days of Art Show we are proud to say that we sold 166 pieces of Art for a total value of 275,000 reais (approx. USD 120,000).

For the charity project Paint a Future (the honoured project during this years' show), we sold 35,000 reais, 100% of which will be used to help the children supported by this project (have a look: http://www.paintafuture.org/).

275,000 - 35,000 = 240,000 reais... 25% for the charity projects of the school, 75% for the artists!!

It was a hell of a job, but definitely worth every penny, inch, nerve, etc. of it!

(recovering now and hopefully back on track with blogging soon!)

1 comment:

vosgesparis said...

ach een slechte blogger.... soms heb je gewoon geen zin of geen tijd ;)


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