Thursday 29 November 2007

Busy times

It´s been a while...

After our mini break on an island in the south of Brazil, it was only full speed forward!!

The last weeks of school are hectic (summer holidays will already start on December 12) and before Christmas there are always a lot of bazars I attend to sell the products that are made at the daycare center (the social project I volunteer in: The money we receive for the sales of the product will be completely divided amongst the people of this poor and violent neighbourhood who take part in the production of the wooden products (decoupage), paper maché and recycled paper. Have a look!

Wednesday 14 November 2007

We´re off to the beach!!

Time to meet friends, relax, read, eat, drink, swim, sunbath and see a show of Ivete Sangalo in Florianópolis! Talk to you when we get back!

Ready for the beach!

One more day to go... and then we have 6 days off. Thursday 15 and Tuesday 20 are public holidays in the state of São Paulo.

So we´re heading towards Florianópolis (in the state of Santa Catarina in the south of Brasil) by car on Thursday.

Going to the beach needed some preparation but we´re ready now, nails done!

Monday 12 November 2007

Some pampering...

A cold and rainy day in São Paulo...

A hot cup of tea, a ´stroopwafel´ (saved for these times!) and some (foreign) magazines: what else do you need?

Tuesday 6 November 2007

Painted white...

Finally the shelves in our office have been painted white (they´ve been waiting for that at least 2 years!!). It looks so fresh now. Sorry the picture is rather dark...
I combined it with orange and white striped curtains (as a good Dutchman abroad!).
The office is not done yet, but at least we are able to work in it!

Unfortunately, the big bookcase is made of wood and glass and is absolutely not my favorite. But, it has to stay this colour, I´m not allowed to paint it (according to the owner of the house).

So if anybody has some suggestions on how to make this bookcase look fresh, please let me know!!
I was so in the mood of painting that I continued on with another big shelve that I will use upstairs as a ´creative´ table! It´s nearly done, has to dry a while.

Also got some help from Senna as you can see...


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