Wednesday 28 May 2008

Still alive!

Two weeks since my last post...
What a bad blogger I am!
I've been rather busy lately, a lot of things to organize, do and arrange.
I'm sure this will go on until the winter holidays start here (Mid June).
To let you all know that I'm still alive, I'd like to share these pictures with you. This too is São Paulo, just 10 minutes away from our home:

I'll be back (but it might take a little longer)!

Wednesday 14 May 2008


We had a great time on the island...
Back in São Paulo & very busy now...

So just a quick impression of our last trip:

Tuesday 6 May 2008

Time to relax...

I'm off to enjoy nice warm weather, a lot of sunshine and a fresh breeze...

Going to Ilha de Comandatuba for a couple of days. Talk to you when I get back!!

Off to relax now!

Monday 5 May 2008

São Paulo: city of the future!

The economic heart of Brazil: that's São Paulo.
But a real tourist location? No, no way.

There are plenty of hotels and it's business all year 'round.

Brazil still is a third world country, but if you're in São Paulo, you wouldn't say that (depending on where you are in São Paulo of course).

Brazil is really developping and major constructions are going on the last years.

One very important construction is the new bridge over the river Pinheiros, between the Brooklin and Morumbi area. It's a unique project: a one of a kind. A bridge never ever has been built this way: it's hanging on iron cables, no supports... can you imagine?

Have a look, it also is very photogenic project:

Saturday 3 May 2008

Trip to Embu das Artes

Just half an hour out of the city there is this artsy little town: Embu das Artes.
Hadn't been there for a long time, so decided to visit Embu this early morning (before the rest of the tourists arrive!).
My goal was to have a look for a nice cabinet for my plates and glasses.

Couldn't find what I was looking for, but came home with a new rug:

ánd a 'Mineira', who is now welcoming every guest to our home:


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