Tuesday 30 June 2009

Can you imagine how much we enjoyed our holidays? The sky so blue, the water so clear that it looked like it was photoshopped...
We had a wonderful time and it was quite difficult to select some pictures to show you. Here's an impression:

And now I'm organizing my next trip, back to the roots; homeleave!
We'll be flying this weekend and be back in the beginning of August.
I'm very much looking forward to spending some time with my family & my friends over there.
And hopefully we can add a small trip somewhere in Europe.
I'll keep you posted!!

Friday 12 June 2009

Holidays have started... so we're off for some time.
First we'll travel in Brazil and later we'll be going to Europe.

Looking very much forward to it (São Paulo is cold & rainy, I need sun & heat).

Our first stop will be the beautiful place in the above picture: Fernando de Noronha, a gorgeous island in the northeast of Brazil.
Later we'll continue to the mainland of Brazil: Porto de Galinhas...
This is the hotel we'll be staying, quite relaxing, isn't it?

I might have access to internet, but I'm not sure if I'll want the spend time on it...
But I will be back in about 2 weeks.
See you then!
Hugs, Chantal

Tuesday 9 June 2009

The school year is coming to an end, one more day and the holidays will start.
Time to say good bye to teachers and class mates, only returning in August.
Also time to say good bye to good friends.
Unfortunately, the life as an expatriate consists often of farewells. This summer too, many of my friends will be leaving, either returning to their home country or leaving for another challenge in yet another country.
My Russian friend is leaving soon... she gave me this typical Russian present, to make sure I wouldn't forget her (how could I??). I'm soooo in love with it! Don't you think they are cute (and the colour just matches perfectly with the colours of my house!)?

Friday 5 June 2009

A very cold day in São Paulo, winter has started!

6 Degrees Celsius during the night (but believe me, no central heating so the temperature inside the house feels the same!).

Time to bake waffles.

Served them to 8 girls during a Dutch movie night, they were quickly gone, very good with some whipped cream.

Had to hit the gym the next day...

Have a wonderful & sporty (this one is actually for myself) weekend!!


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