Sunday 31 May 2009

A lovely, quiet weekend @ home.

Outside it's windy & chilly, so the kitchen is the perfect place to spend the Sunday afternoon.
My husband is out for a round of golf and my son is at the tennis court right now. That gives me time to prepare our diner for tonight: lasagna with a fresh green salad it will be.

I'm already looking forward to it!

(and now I'm back to the TV: watching the tennis matches at Roland Garros: what a surprise: Rafael Nadal is out!!! Fingers crossed now for my all time favorite: Roger Federer!!)

Wednesday 27 May 2009

The pictures of our 100 year event turnt out very blurry... such a pity... Not sure if it was the photographer or the wine ;-) Fortunelately I can show you some pictures of the table...
Anyway, we had a wonderful day & will always remember the special ambiance full of love & friendship!
Sure not going to wait till a 200 year event...!

Friday 22 May 2009

Our family (my husband, my son & me) turnt 100 years together. Reason enough for a small party! We're having a lunch on Sunday for our friends and all the kids will have their own party (with DJ and some monitors) in the 'salão de festas' (the party room of the compound).
As you can imagine, preparartions are already in full bloom!
I went to the market this morning and bought some beautiful zinnias and dahlias.
The white flowers will go into 10 small round vases on the tables.

Of course I had to stock up on wine & champagne, and some more healthy items like grapes, strawberries, figs, goat cheese, stoneleeks, tomatoes & endives.

The tables will look fresh & colourful with these red & white dot table cloths and white & red dot napkins.
Are you curious how it will turn out in the end?
Then be sure to check back next week to see the results!!
Wishing you all a wonderful & sunny weekend!
Beijos, Chantal

Thursday 21 May 2009

After too many rich coffees, breakfasts, lunches, diners, BBQ's, etc. it's time for a healthier lifestyle. So I stocked up on fruits and filled the duck (my fruit basket) with it.
It looks so nice, colourful & healthy. It shouldn't be too difficult to live healthier...
(provided someone keeps the chocolate out of our house *smile*).

What are your secrets to stay healthy? I'd love to hear/read them!!

Have a healthy day!

Wednesday 13 May 2009

After a morning at the day care & community center in one om the slums of São Paulo (I work there as a volunteer), it's always nice to return to your own home. Spending some time with some less fortunate people helps you realize what a wonderful life we have... Our problems seem so little compared to theirs... And still, all the people I always meet there are extremely positive & optimistic. We, spoilt like hell, can take them as an example...
To all the less fortunate people around: these sunny flowers are for you! I admire you!!

Friday 8 May 2009

Sorry for the absence... we've been taking advantage of the long weekends lately and left for the beach. We had a wonderful time in a wonderful part of Brazil: Angra dos Reis, 200 km south of Rio de Janeiro. My DH turned 50 last weekend, we celebrated this while enjoying the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

We visited marvellous little islands, saw a lot of beautiful fishes and enjoyed a lovely lunch at one of the beaches.

Of course, the holidays were over too quickly. Time to think about the next one...

Wishing you all a nice weekend & a Happy Mothers Day t0 all the moms!

Love, Chantal


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