Friday 6 February 2009

I thought to put a nice new widget to my blog: São Paulo's temperature (as everybody is always asking about the weather here).
And what does it show? 21 degrees Celsius...
You have to know that I'm behind my computer right now, in an a/c room because it's smoking hot outside! Don't even want to be there!
Where on earth do these 21 degrees come from? Who provides the info?
Totally not accurate!
But I will keep it there for a while, see if it gets better... (the weather already got better!).

Forecasts are great for the weekend and with a party tonight and a BBQ on Saturday (at our house) and on Sunday (at a friends' house), what else do we need??

We already found someone who likes to do the 'Churrasco' (BBQ)!

I wish you all a wonderful, sunny weekend!


Tuesday 3 February 2009

Today I visited a part of town I hadn't been to for a long time.

Liberdade, São Paulo's SOHO!

We had coffee, cake, a chinese lunch and we did quite some (unnecessary) shopping!

We even found 'kroepoek' (prawn crackers) (I used to 'import' them from the Netherlands on every trip) my diet just needs to wait a little longer I guess *smile*.
The little rug I brought home from Chile last week, aren't the colours vibrant? Love it!


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