Friday 19 October 2012


Mother's Day 2012, already some time ago... but...
The present I got from the boys: A city trip of my choice - in Europe, specifically added (they know me too well I'm afraid!)
And so, last Friday, after work, we left for...
The city of my choice - this time :)

We spent 4 full days in this beautiful city and had a great time.
Very busy, soo many tourists!
Luckily we bought our entrance tickets for the Colesseum and the Vatican Museum online
(make sure you do that too should you travel to Rome!), the lines were amazingly long.

 Quiet outside (rain!)...
 Busy inside!

Of course, I had to try my luck at the Trevi fountain
The next day the sun accompanied us at the Colosseum:
 Old & new (can you spot the heli?):


 Piazza Navona is also a must-see!
 Reminding me of Place du Tertre in Paris:

Many more pictures made of course, but this is the selection I chose!
And for now, I'm just wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Take care & enjoy!

Thursday 4 October 2012

Quicker than the squirrels!

With a walnut tree in the garden, October is always a busy month. Busy because we have to be quick. Very quick. Quicker than the squirrels! They love the walnuts as much as we do. But they have an advantage: they just climb up the trunk of the tree and get the walnuts from the branches. We, humans, have to wait, wait until the walnuts fall off the tree. Just hoping that the squirrels have left some for us!
This year, the harvest is good: boxes full of walnuts. A whole lot more than last year. Or were we just quicker and more observant?
Well, all these walnuts need to be used.
To start with cake, a walnut-cinnamon cake.
Here's what you need:
And this is what comes out of the oven after about 45 minuten on 175°C
As a little bit of batter was left, I used it for mini-bundt-cakes
Tastes delicious with some whipped cream too!
 Oh and I added a 'personal touch': some cider spices :)
Will definitely bake and/or cook more using the walnuts.
To be continued...
Wishing you all a nice weekend!
Ours is filled with a family reunion & a nice dinner to celebrate the birthday of a friend!
Happy Birthday Eline!
You know that 50 is the new 40, don't you??
 More bakes with walnuts? Click here for banana-nut-cake!

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Flower Power

Although I did say good bye to Summer...
I could not resist picking this bunch of
late Summer Flower Power from the garden.
Zinnias, a variety of Dahlias, Sedum, Aster Dumosus & Gladiolus.
Wishing you all a lovely week full of colour!!



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