Monday 25 January 2010

Slowly gettin´ there!

After 2 months of hotel living, we finally moved into our new house. Don´t get me wrong, I just loooooooove hotels, but trying to live your regular life (work, school, etc.) is just not that comfortable out of a hotelroom. Add the dog to the story and you´ll get the picture!

But last Friday it happened: the first night in our new house! And we slept pretty well!

The weekend we used to paint the downstairs area (white, so far) & to empty as many boxes as possible. Now trying to find space for everything (I already know that this will be an utopia!).

Anyway, meet our new home:

I´ll be back soon(er) & wish you all a great day!!

Tuesday 5 January 2010

In case you're wondering what I'm doing? What do you think about this?

Hopefully we'll get the keys to our new house soon. In the meanwhile I started thinking about the work that needs to be done. So I'm off to the DIY shop for all the paint & the materials...
I'll be back soon!


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