Tuesday 14 September 2010

Visit to Chateau de Vincennes

Last week I played tourist in Paris again...
Some time ago I joined an international group of women who live in & around Paris & a couple of times a month we go out for a walking tour and/or a visit to a museum. It's a wonderful way to get to know other people as well as getting to know Paris better. And we preferably visit parts of the city that are a bit off the beaten path.
So last week we went to Chateau de Vincennes, at the end of metro line 1. Quite a trip from the suburbs (especially if you add some perturbation caused by a package at the Palais Royal... half an hour delay!) but absolutely worth it.

The entrance

Somebody was cleaning the facade, don't you just love his little chair?

The weather was beautiful so we could spend much time outside!
But, of course, we also wanted to have a look inside the Chateau:

On our next tour we'll visit Les Halles and the Sentier district, I'm already looking forward to it!

From sunny Versailles, I wish you all a lovely day!

Thursday 2 September 2010


I looooooove a big bunch of flowers,
 but, wowh, a single little flower of the lathyrus
can be equally beautiful, don't you think?

Off for a run this morning (I desperately need excercise!), planned to work in the garden a bit (sun is out, so wanna enjoy that!) & might hit some golf balls this afternoon when Thom will have his tennis class (golf & tennis are at the same club, handy!).
Enough planned, so let's get started now.
Have a sunny (& sporty) day!


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