Wednesday 28 March 2012

And again... the garden & the first BBQ of the year!

Can't get enough of this wonderful spring weather!
And the fresh green leaves that are to be seen everywhere are so beautiful! Love spring in the Netherlands (provided there is sunshine!!).
It's also surprising to see how quickly everything grows right now. Little sprouts are making their appearance everywhere in the garden! Hopefully they mean plants and not weeds ;)

What did I do this splendid spring day?

 I planted some herbs (still some to add!)

 Planted the violet Scabiosa
 Admired the first flower of the Camelia
 Planted a couple of boxwoods (bad picture) and some daisies
 Finally planted a Clematis near one of the walls
 And we had our first BBQ of the season
(pictures are from last year...)

Actually, the BBQ was a must... try out for the party on Saturday!
Will tell you more about that soon!

Sunday 25 March 2012

Glorious spring!

We're having glorious spring weather at the moment in the Netherlands. It's amazing, but since the beginning of last week, it's been sunny and pretty warm for the time of the year.
No complaining!!
A lot has been done in the garden, from fertilizing the soil to taking care of the lawn (which consisted more of moss than grass), getting the water pump (we have our own water source) back to work (it apparently didn't work all the years that we've been away) and planting all kinds of plants (the fun part!).

Of course there's still a lot more to do, but with this fabulous spring weather, that's absolutely no punishment!!

So if you're looking for me... I'll be in the garden!

The purple Helleborus came back to life after I cut of the (brown) leaves
 and added lots of egg shells around the plant

 Our walnut tree with a rambler: shoots are appearing...
can't wait to see it when it's full of little white roses!
 Our arch, covered in Ivy (and hopefully there is a Rose New Dawn left too),
in the back you can see the plum tree (fingers crossed there will be some plums coming season!)

 The fresh leaves of the climbing Hydrangea
 Inside: some colour from the garden in tiny vases
I also added some colour to my outfit too today!

Wishing you all a nice (remainder of the) Sunday & a lovely sunny week to come!!

Friday 16 March 2012

Garden time!

It's finally here: lots of sunshine (nature) & lots of energy (me)!
So time to tackle the garden!
Loads of work to do!!
A lot has been taken out or pruned in the fall, which means it has to be filled again.
I foresee many trips to garden centers and nurseries...
But first things first: the soil needs to be fed :)
Less exciting than the choosing/buying/planting part, but hey, what needs to be done, needs to be done!!
And with the sun to keep me company, it's not bad at all!

Here are some snapshots from the garden (taken by iPhone...hence the quality!):

Work outfit
 Lunch outside WITH some company
 Some nice colour on the garden table

 View from the back towards our house
Some colourful decoration inside too

 Easter branches & butterflies
 Wishing you all a nice (& hopefully sunny) weekend!!

Tuesday 6 March 2012


Spring is in the air they say...(really? when walking the dog this morning I really needed winter coat, scarf & gloves...)
Well, looking at our living room, it could be true: I shifted around with some furniture, bought candles and flowers in all kinds of spring colours as you can see:

The way it was:

The new 'position':

Candles & flowers:

I'm ready, so let the Spring begin... please!!

Thursday 1 March 2012


During last weeks' ski holiday in Austria, I decided to take a day off of skiing and visit Salzburg. The weather forecasts for the pistes weren't that good for my level of skiing (...), so I thought that wandering around a beautiful city & do some shopping would be a time much better spent!

I never visited Salzburg before, so I was curious what this ancient city where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born, would look like. Being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, my expectations were high!

Salzburg didn't disappoint me at all. Beautiful old but well-maintained buildings, very modern but also more conservative restaurants & shops.

Hereunder you can see some snapshots of the city:

 And look what an adorable shop I found: easter eggs all over the place,
one even more beautifully decorated than the other.
Of course I couldn't go out empty-handed!

I hope you liked this short visit to Salzburg.
And as (meteorological) Spring has started already, I won't bother you with
snow pictures of Austria ;)

Even my banner got the Spring touch already!!


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