Wednesday 28 March 2012

And again... the garden & the first BBQ of the year!

Can't get enough of this wonderful spring weather!
And the fresh green leaves that are to be seen everywhere are so beautiful! Love spring in the Netherlands (provided there is sunshine!!).
It's also surprising to see how quickly everything grows right now. Little sprouts are making their appearance everywhere in the garden! Hopefully they mean plants and not weeds ;)

What did I do this splendid spring day?

 I planted some herbs (still some to add!)

 Planted the violet Scabiosa
 Admired the first flower of the Camelia
 Planted a couple of boxwoods (bad picture) and some daisies
 Finally planted a Clematis near one of the walls
 And we had our first BBQ of the season
(pictures are from last year...)

Actually, the BBQ was a must... try out for the party on Saturday!
Will tell you more about that soon!


Diana said...

Hier werd de bbq afgelopen weekend al aangestoken ;) Heerlijk buitenweer!!!

Kom Achterom said...

Het ziet er prachtig uit bij jou zeg! wat een tafel ik zou zo aan willen schuiven en ook hier genieten van het mooie weer al is het vandaag een stuk kouder.
Fijne dag

Mariettes Back to Basics said...

Dearest Chantal,

So glad to hear from you again! This is the best time of the year I guess... Young green and lovely colors. Enjoy your garden and wishing you a Happy Weekend!


Ineke said...

Chantal, vc é Brasileira?
Je hebt een leuke blog!
Groetjes, Ineke


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