Friday 23 September 2011


Happy! So happy!!
Isn't this Super Fall Give Away A.MA.ZING?
Did you see the neverending list of sponsors?? Aren't they just the best?

After the start we could add another 4 which brings
the total number of sponsors to
a stunning 22!!

It's not too late, you can still join the give away here until October 15, 2011!!


(pictures made in the forest near our house, by iPhone, hence the poor(er) quality)

Wishing you all a lovely, sunny, outdoor weekend!!

Thursday 15 September 2011


(A story about when a rebellious idea results in a Huge International Give Away in the blog world)

The recipe: take 1 rebellious idea, 3 crazy women & a whole lot of enthusiastic people
The supplies: Twitter, the blog world, e-mail, ping & whatsapp
The preparation: mix it all together et voilà, you have the Super Fall Give Away (SFGA)!!

The SFGA arose after seeing all the St. Nicolas (A Dutch & Belgian tradition in the beginning of December, like Santa Claus but focussed on the children) candy in the supermarkets, Christmas decorations for sale  and even seeing the set up for an ice skate rink. What about the Fall season on the northern hemisphere? This season needs to be honoured! Is the Fall season skipped? Do we go from drinking rosé outside on a terrace to drinking glühwein in front of the fire place?… That’s too quick, isn’t it? So this year we will enjoy the Fall season and we will do so in a very special way!

So it’s a joint Give-Away, a huge one! Something that started as a little joke among Diana, Lynda (click here too) and Chantal was received with great enthusiasm by real sponsors!! Not one, two or three… no, 17 sponsors showed their interest, the ‘crème de la crème’ of the blog world and the world wide web! The news spread wide out and out of the blue (and with a little help from Lynda) even some international sponsors joined the give away. 

Participation (let’s talk business now):
Everybody, from anywhere, can enter to win the extremely well filled surprise package. Unfortunately, the sponsors will be excluded from participation. 
If you would like to participate in this Super Fall Give Away we ask only for your Fall contribution. Under this blog post, which is published simultaneously on the blogs of  Diana, Lynda (and this one too) and here  you can share a beautiful fall experience, add a link to an article about the fall season on your own blog (if you have a blog yourself) or submit fall pictures. The theme is the Fall season and what your own Fall feeling is.

Contributions are accepted from September 15, 2011 till October 15, 2011 and the lucky winner of this Super Fall Give Away will be chosen via a random number generator on October 16, 2011. You can only submit ONE contribution (on either of the 3 blogs).

It’s very important that you submit your contribution on October 15, 2011 (midnight GMT +1) at the latest.

It will take about a week to send the huge surprise package due to some personalized (!!!) contributions of some sponsors!! 

What is the content of the Super Fall Give Away Surprise Package? Well, that remains a big surprise, otherwise it wouldn’t be a SFGA – Surprise – package anymore…

Of course we love to introduce the sponsors to you. 

You can recognize our sponsors by the following link on either their blog or website:
And if you like, you can include this link to your own blog as being a participant. In that way the news will be widely spread, Fall will earn back its place between summer and winter! Let’s all embrace the Fall season!

Obviously, the content of the surprise package will be shown after the winner has been selected!

Thanks a million to all the sponsors who reacted so enthusiastically and spontaneously, you all surpassed our expectations. We were flabbergasted by all that was sent as a contribution to the SFGA Surprise Package!!

Have a look hereunder for all the sponsors and the links to their weblogs or websites, in random order:

Make sure you’ll have a look at these websites, if not out of curiosity of what can be won, then maybe it shows you some ‘decorating for fall’ ideas!

Happy Fall!
 Happy Super Fall Give Away!

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Only 1...!!

We're almost there...

more night till the

I'm pretty sure that you will be here tomorrow... won't you?
So see you tomorrow!

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Just 2 days left...!!

It's only
days left until the 

More curious now?
Just a little bit longer...

Monday 12 September 2011

Only 3 days left...


days left till the

So when will I see you again?
In 3 days I hope!
Have patience!!

Friday 9 September 2011


Getting curious already???
Sorry but you just have to wait a bit longer, till next week!
A little hint?
Make sure you then visit the blogs of  Lynda and Diana as well as this blog.
We have a little surprise planned for you, worldwide!!
That's what we need... just triggering you today ;))

Have a lovely weekend & enjoy the promised sun!!

Friday 2 September 2011

The garden...

 After showing you some glimpses of the interior of our house, it's now time to show you our garden. But mind you, just a tiny little part of it. The rest of the garden I decided to call 'the jungle' for now
Guess why???!!
However, in this 'jungle', I discovered a tiny, delicate flower (which I never planted so, most probably,  one of the renters did):

Does anyone know the name of this little gem?? Would love to hear!!
It's time to attack 'the jungle' so that I can show you soon other parts of our garden too!
Wishing you all a lovely sunny weekend!!


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