Monday 31 March 2008

9th Birthday

Sunday, it was Thom's 9th birthday (already... wow... time flies really!).

Just a little bit impatient... first the card!!

We didn't have a real birthday party... this will only be on May 17 (too busy agendas for the 3 of us), but we went to a nice restaurant on Saturday night (Thom invited a friend to join us). And on Sunday, he choose to play tennis and liked to have a BBQ during the afternoon for which he invited some friends (+ parents).
A tennis bag, empty...

Of course, he's spoilt too much with presents, but hey, we just have one!
Have a look at the pictures, and you'll see: he is extremely happy with all the attention, the presents ánd the cake!
A trip to... Disney!
Table ready for the BBQ

There were some candles left to blow after the BBQ (and make a wish!!)

Thursday 27 March 2008


My cupboard after the shopping trip down town...

The pillow case I made

(awful picture, but somehow my camera didn't want to foucs anymore)

Finally put the letters on the wall in my son's room

(next to his bath room that sometimes looks like an ocean...)

Wednesday 26 March 2008

Internet problems...

How addicted can you be???

After 4 days without a functioning internet connection, I feel reborn now! It looks like it took forever, but it were only 4 days... and thank God (or Telefonica...) it's working again now!

The good thing about it is that I finally got down to do, organize, make things that I already wanted to do for a very long time... but surfing the net, looking for interesting decorating ideas kept me from that (yes, I admit: I'm addicted to internet!).

So I saw, I painted, I did some long waiting adminsitration, started organizing a tennis tournament, organized my sons birthday party, went shopping, etc. What a lot of hours a day has... Felt so free!!!


I promise, I will show you some pictures of the things I made and/or bought tomorrow!

Have a nice evening!

Thursday 20 March 2008

Easter preparations

Egg dye

The eggs need to be done!!










And what's more fun than to do this with a bunch of kids...

We're almost ready for Easter!

Thursday 13 March 2008

From dartboard to art...

Work in progress...

Some time ago we got a dartboard... but of course... I don't like to hang it on the wall outside like a dartboard as it is, as it's too ugly for that (I apologize to all the darters, but hey, this is my garden!).

Besides from that, it could get wet with the tropical showers...
So we decided to make a nice little case for it. The whole family, we're just 3 :), worked on it.

Case ready! But too white in this exotic environment...

We turned the dartboard into a small piece of Brazilian art with a little Dutch (orange!) touch... (another Baiana in the house!).

Painting the doors

Let the dart tournament begin (in style of course)!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Love, C.

Thursday 6 March 2008

The life of a... Brazilian dog!

Our little lady Senna went to the beauty salon today. She had a bath, nails were done and teeth were cleaned. The treatment took about an hour and a half and she's got a nice perfume now. This is what she looked like when I picked her up:

(can you imagine, there are 24 hour pet shops in São Paulo, dogs have a 'banho' almost every week and still there are many people living on the streets, no home, no food, no nothing... the contrast is too big to be honoust)

Wednesday 5 March 2008

Easter is entering into our house too!

Easter is only two and a half weeks away... time to prepare!

As I'll be hosting a coffee (informal get-together of dutch and belgian women) this coming Friday, I did some decorating last night. And as a nice hazel tree doesn't exist here (or at least, I can't find one), I made my own version of the Easter branch...


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