Friday 30 July 2010

Happy weekend!

It's been a busy week, lots of things to do & organize & taking care of some extra kids for a couple of days.

Last weekend we visited the show 'Les Eaux Nocturnes' in the gardens of Chateau Versailles... it was truly beautiful. Absolument magnifique! I'm not sure if the pictures will tell the story (always difficult to make pictures when it's (getting) dark), but let's give it a try...

The gardens open around 9pm when it's still light. Gorgeous flowers, aren't they?
The Chateau serves as a magical background.

The fountain shows have a great choreography... music, water, light, it's all perfectly matching each other!

History combined with present technology, perfect result!

Water & light, like a fairytale!
The perfect night finishes with a perfect show of fire, fireworks, music & fountains...

If you're ever in the possibility to visit Versailles in summertime, make sure you'll visit the 'Eaux Nocturnes', you won't regret it!!

Have a magical weekend!

Friday 23 July 2010


No time to blog right now...
...laundry piling up...

...the house desperately needs some vaccuum cleaning...

...and a lot of dusting and mopping too !

So, I hope I'll be back next week!

Have a great, spotless (!!) weekend!
picture credits: 1) My Dance Place 2 & 3)

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Our own boatride... on the Seine!

Last week the Dutch national football team had a party... although they ended up #2 in the World Championship (last time they played the finals in a World Championship was in 1978!), they got a very warm welcome back home in The Netherlands. One part of the celebrations was a boatride through the canals of Amsterdam where they were seen & cheered by almost the entire proud Dutch nation!

Today we decided to have our own boatride, on the river Seine. We thought it would be a good idea in this heat, staying close to the water. But boy, was it hot...
Some impressions:


We truly enjoy playing tourist in the city...
Maybe another trip next week?

Friday 16 July 2010

Playing tourist...

During the summer holidays, we decided to play tourist in the city. So off we went... to Tour Montparnasse this time.
But first I desperately needed new shoes as Thom stepped on the back of mine and the small straps broke, no way I could continue walking on them. Luckily, Galeries Lafayette is next to the Tour!
So, I changed from flats...
...into heels

 & we took the elevator (the fastest one in Europe) up to the 56th floor of Tour Montparnasse, climbed a few more steps and had a stunning view over Paris!

Centre Pompidou
Tour d'Eiffel & Champs de Mars

2 friends

The visit was followed by a lunch at a creperie which we all enjoyed a lot!

Next on our to-do-list is the Musée de l'Armée!
Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday 14 July 2010

A quick trip to the Netherlands...

Last week we visited family & friends in the Netherlands. The reason for this short stay was actually a BBQ organised by a friend that still lives in São Paulo and was in the Netherlands for the holidays. It was a very sunny & very warm day, we just sat down, chatted, relaxed, ate & drank, caipirinhas of course, to come back into the Brazilian mood, made with strawberries, kiwi and sake this time.

Senna came along too, doesn't she look lovely with the plants & flowers in the back ground? And she might have stolen a little piece of meat...

The kids had so much fun playing with water...

and swimming in the 'Kromme Giessen'...

and jumping from the little bridge

After a cool down at night (what a rain and thunderstorm we had!!), the next day started out gorgeous again. Time to enjoy breakfast in the adorable garden:

Unfortunately, we had to drive back to France on Sunday morning.  
A BBQ was planned @home in Versailles & an important match needed to be watched on Sunday night...

Today is a holiday in France, but it's raining cats & dogs here, so we'll just take it easy & enjoy the day off!

Monday 5 July 2010

A short stay in the French Alps

Last week we went to the French Alps for some days.
What a beautiful landscape, so quiet, so pure!

We didn't do that much, some shopping, eating, drinking, spending time with friends.

It was a lovely short break which we would love to do over again soon!!!

Apart from all this nature, of course the boys did need some other entertainment: games & soccer!

And you? All prepared for the next match??


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