Friday 29 April 2011


Yes, this is post #211. And I promised you something for my 200th post...
Can you believe I just completely forgot that? Maybe too busy holiday-ing?
Marie Claire Idées celebrates it's 20th Birthday and there's a special issue published just now.
So for my 211th post (let's just pretend it's #200), you can win this special issue.
I'll make sure to add some nice French goodies too!

What to do?
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Have a wonderful weekend!
P.S. I ship worldwide!!

Tuesday 26 April 2011

A trip to the market in Athens

Of course I had to visit the big market in Athens, full of fish, meat & nuts!

 As it was getting close to Easter, and roasted lamb is THE food served at Easter,
 the lambs were all over the place...

 And there was much more to see...

 Salted cod

Dried fruits &

delicious nuts...
Of course we left with a bag full!!

And now it's back to reality again...
We came home last Friday from our combined Athens & the Netherlands trip.
The same day friends arrived to stay for a few days, family is arriving the upcoming weekend,
so that means cleaning, laundry & organizing the coming days..
And hopefully there'll be some time left to enjoy the sun!

Have a wonderful week!


Friday 22 April 2011

Flower Power

Apart from ruins, stones & rocks there's more to see in Athens;
 beautiful flowers in great colours for example

Gorgeous red poppies, a splash of colour on a cloudy day
Oranges... plenty!
Even a simple dandelion can be beautiful
Dandelions & poppies bring sunshine!

Light purple Lavatera all over Acropolis Hill
More poppies, couldn't get enough of them!

The streets are all covered with colourful trees... Spring in Athens is beautiful!

And what a gorgeous weather we have in Europe, it's still spring but temperatures rise
 easily to a summery 25 degrees Celsius. Please let it be like this till December??
Time to enjoy the sun again.
 I wish you all a wonderful Easter, enjoy the weather & the (chocolate) eggs!



Monday 18 April 2011

On a trip to...

Yes, you guessed it right: we're enjoying a trip to Greece,
to Athens to be more precise!

The first day we found a nice restaurant, with a cosy terrace & good food!

We decided to do the Greek salad test during our stay, and this was the first one we ate:

It tasted really very good & the view even made it tastier...
A view on the Acopolis Hill & the Parthenon!

Will soon be back with more pictures from our trip!
Enjoy the week!


Friday 15 April 2011

The gardens of Chateau Versailles in spring time!

This time we tour around the gardens and the parc of Chateau Versailles.

Every time I walk here, I'm amazed by the way the parc and the gardens are maintained...

As it is still early spring, there are not so many flowers yet, so I guess I'll have
to do another tour later this spring again? 

It was another extremlely sunny day and my camera is still not working that well;
so  you'll have to do it with these pictures...  

So next time you'll be in Paris, take a trip to Versailles (easy accessible via de RER C) and see it for yourself. It's definitely worth the trip (about 30 minutes from Champs de Mars/la Tour Eiffel).

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday 12 April 2011

A market day in Versailles

A quick tour around the Versailles market... loads of sunshine, a broken camera...
Not the best recipe for great pictures... 
But I just liked to give you a glimpse of the market in town, every Tuesday, Friday & Sunday
It's absolutely great for fresh vegetables, fruits, chicken, cheese, nuts, flowers, etc.

And of course a visit to the market isn't complete without a café crème & a macaron...
This one was a real calorie-bomb with a thick layer of crème noissette in the middle...
so delicious! 
Have a great week!


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