Wednesday 30 June 2010


Wimbledon, World Cop Soccer, Visitors, visiting, hot, hot, too hot...
More time to blog next week.
See you then & make sure you enjoy the lovely, long & lazy summer days!!

A bientot!!

Thursday 24 June 2010

A dog's life...

While I'm at the farmers market, making my way through the crowd...
or go grocery shopping...
or take care of the laundry...
Senna just lays down under the table where it's still pretty cool these days...
Wouldn't you just like to be a dog sometimes??

Enjoy the sun & stay cool!

image credits: 1), 2) please tell me if this is yours, 3), 4) & 5) @abacaxi&hortela

Friday 18 June 2010


Found these cute & delicious sweets at a patisserie in Versailles. Don't they have just beautiful soft colours?
They are way too good, loads of sugar I guess... But they do make a nice picture, don't they?

The serving tray, by the way, is made by the people from APIS, a social project I used to work with in Brazil. Love the colours!

Have a colourful weekend!!

Tuesday 15 June 2010

Project Runway...

No project Runway... wishful thinking!
No. This is Project Curtains. For the bedroom.
Since we moved, we've had some curtains in our bedroom, but never to my full satisfaction.
Decided already a long time ago to use some black & white curtains I had from the living room in our previous house (which I couldn't use in our new house because the dimensions were totally wrong). So finally, I tackled the project. Cut. Sew. It took only 4 months...
Will show the result when all is done, ok?

And what about the World Cup? Do you watch it? The Netherlands won their first match! & today we'll cheer for Brazil of course!

Wish you a cheerful day!

Friday 11 June 2010

Gardening & more

Yes, I will paint the wall (& probably the fireplace too), but not today... it's such a gorgeous day & I want to spend it outside...

The garden is waiting for me...
As the hobby of the previous renters of this house definitely wasn't gardening, there's a whole lot of work to do... So I leave you today with some pictures of our garden (the back yard), as I've been asked not only to talk about it but to show it too... so here it is:

And when the work is done, I hope we'll be able to spend a cozy evening on the terrace...

... with a nice diner & with Thom back from his extended field trip (he spent 5 days in Bretagne!!)

I wish you all a lovely & sunny weekend, enjoy!

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Shall I or shall I not...

paint the wall in 'framboise sauvage' & the fire place in white (or black)?

This wall is still a bit boring, so
any advice is welcome!

Tuesday 1 June 2010

And even more flowers...

After a weekend spent at Roland Garros this week it's time to take care of house & garden again.
I discovered a beautiful rose, pretty pink, next to the drive way to our garage. We hardly use our garage on a daily basis, it's more like a huge storage room (!!), actually we only go in & out with our bikes (weather permitted) and with our trash containers. So not the best spot for such a beautiful rose...
But to enjoy the beauty & the scent of this rose, I cut some and put them in a vase. Now I can enjoy them every minute!

And what about this lovely orchid? It's next to me, on my desk, and I'm admiring it every day too!

And yes, I was lucky: there still was something available at the travel agency! Not that much, but I could book a week in this gorgeous villa in Moliets, on the Atlantic coast, a much preferred area of us! Less touristic than the Cote d'Azur & really beautiful! Looking forward to spending some time here in August. Still looking for some nice hotels or chateaux to stay the week before, on our way to Moliets, don't worry, will find them!

Ok, enough admiration now, duty calls: the lawn needs some mowing, the terrace definitely needs some treatment (high pressure, that's for sure), the kitchen garden will need some hours too, and then I'm not even talking about the house duties...

See you soon!!
X Chantal


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