Friday 11 June 2010

Gardening & more

Yes, I will paint the wall (& probably the fireplace too), but not today... it's such a gorgeous day & I want to spend it outside...

The garden is waiting for me...
As the hobby of the previous renters of this house definitely wasn't gardening, there's a whole lot of work to do... So I leave you today with some pictures of our garden (the back yard), as I've been asked not only to talk about it but to show it too... so here it is:

And when the work is done, I hope we'll be able to spend a cozy evening on the terrace...

... with a nice diner & with Thom back from his extended field trip (he spent 5 days in Bretagne!!)

I wish you all a lovely & sunny weekend, enjoy!


Les Cotrions said...

Ohh that's a true garden! Enchanting!!!

C@by said...

hey vrouwtje

Geniet jij een beetje van hetmooie weer daar in La France?
Hoest met jullie en het woeffie heb je die nog? Senna heette ze toch?
hoe vind je het zo nu dat je in frankrijk woont??

We spreken elkaar amper tot niet maar ik hou je blog in de gaten hoor haha



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