Wednesday 30 March 2011

Birthday boy!

(I apologize for the bad quality of the pictures... early morning, no natural light...)

Always nice to have something to celebrate...

Today is Thom's 12th birthday and although the party (karting & pizza...) will only be coming Friday, of course he had to take something to school to treat his class mates!

And there were presents...
Colourful sports outfits amongst them...
And for everybody who celebrates his or her birthday today too, this one is for you:
I wish you all a nice day, full of sunshine, flowers & fun!

Tuesday 29 March 2011

View from my kitchen window

I must admit that it's no punishment at all to spend time in my kitchen.
The view is always nice and in spring time it's pretty yellow! 

I like to add some violet touches on the windowsill,
the yellow and the violet make a nice combination.
Wishing you all a colourful day!

Sunday 27 March 2011

A cake kit... Lynda style!

It's been a while, too busy being outside, enjoying the wonderful sunny spring days ;)
After my last post, the weather changed completely, someone must be reading my blog too!
So I played tennis... in the sun, played golf... in the sun, walked the dog... in the sun, had coffee with friends... in the sun! And didn't take the time to blog because I wanted to be... in the sun!
And over the weekend, my parents came to visit us so we were busy entertaining them!!

What I did do inside last week? Baking! Why? Because I won a give-away at Lynda's blog and received a little package... a do-it-yourself cake kit, Lynda style!

So this is what I received
(there was ready-to-go dough, cacao powder for the bavarois,
custard powder, shaved white chocolate, finishing jelly):

 And this is what I made of it
 (I added whipped cream and raspberries):

The cake was delicious, I served it while having coffee, cake, and more...
with a group of Dutch and Belgian friends:

 Wishing you all a nice week!

Thursday 17 March 2011

Gloomy outside but the sun is shining here!

After days of sunshine, nice temperatures & blue skies, it's pretty hard to wake up to a grey sky... What a pity, I already got so used to this weather...
So let's keep it sunny here with some pictures of last year's holidays in several regions in France:

 Cap d'Antibes

 Let Gets
Our back yard ;)

It's almost weekend, let's hope the sun will be back soon!!

Saturday 12 March 2011

Bad blogger... but happy ;-)

Some time ago I received 2 awards... a Blog Liking Award from Mariëtte at Mariëtte's back to basics

and  a Stylish Blogger Award from Hilde at Door het oog van.

I feel really honoured and would like to thank you both for these awards & I need to apologize as well for taking more than a month to react... SORRY!
But I must admit, I find it extremely difficult to pass these awards on... there are just too many beautiful, touching, creative, funny & inspiring people around in the blog-o-sphere, I feel it wouldn't be fair to just choose a few.
So these awards are for you, yes you, as a reader of my blog. I'm sure you have a blog too, so you all deserve these awards too!

Can't wait...

Happy weekend!

Thursday 10 March 2011

Happy colours!

Just can't help myself...
A few rays of sun & I'm off to the garden center again!
Love these pink buttercups!
Some soft pink will do too (astilbe)!
And so will these purple/lila violets!
I heart spring!
(but i guess that's already clear to you?!)

Have a happy weekend!!
P.S. This is blogpost 197
Something special for no. 200!

Wednesday 9 March 2011

More spring in the air!

What a nice weather we are having at the moment... chilly nights (still a little bit of frost) & cool, sunny days.
If you can find a spot in the sun & out of the wind... you don't wanna leave anymore! 
 And this kind of weather asks for some action. So I bought a lot of colourful plants & vases &
spring arrived at our terrace too!!

 And now fingers crossed that it will stay like this for a while... I sure wouldn't mind (& will go shopping for even more colour on the terrace!!).
Have a sunny week!

Friday 4 March 2011

Matar saudades...

It's been a bit over a year now that we left Brazil and moved to France... And although I do like to be in France, from time to time I get homesick & I do miss Brazil, the Brazilians, the climate, the nature, the beaches, our friends, our way of life there...
To 'matar saudades' (that's portuguese and can literally be translated as 'kill the homesickness'), I browsed through some photos  (they're countless of course) of our years in the country of soccer, carnaval, samba & caipirinha. Here are just a few shots... It's the general feeling of these images that I like...

Agua de Coco... so good (& healthy)!

Beautiful coast!

Playing golf with a gorgeous view on the sea while enjoying the energy of the sunshine!

Nice decoration, good inspiration!

Everything is possible in Brazil... a (temporary) tattoo, on the beach!

The light, the skies...

Just outside of grey & ugly São Paulo, can you imagine?

Soccer, what else?

I wish you all a wonderful & sunny weekend & see you again next week!


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