Monday 31 August 2009

Bad luck!

What happens when you play in an area full of trees, plants, mud, stones, stones & more stones & no lights (you know, an area your mom always told you to avoid)?

Well, this is what happens:
He tripped over a huge stone, thought he got back into balance but didn´t see the following big stone and fell on his face & elbow. A lot of blood and a dislocated elbow. So we ended up in hospital, the repositioning of the elbow didn´t work out the way it had to & so he needed a small surgery to put it back in the right spot.
He has to use the sling for 3 weeks & will need to do fysiotherapy.
First he found it all very interesting until he realized that meant also no running, no soccer, no tennis. And he was all sad...
But look at the bright side my ´little´ boy: everything will be done for you!!

Friday 28 August 2009

Just a quick post before I go out for lunch... how is my diet ever going to work here???

Anyway, my computer crashed, they thought it was a software prblem but it isn´t, now they´re trying to solve the hardware problem(s)... using my sons computer instead... (which is so slow because of all the games & things he downloaded on it & it has a portuguese key board, can tell you that I´m not happy with that :-0).

The good thing about being without a computer is that I actually got some other things done: I sew a present for a friend and I started the decluttering in my house. So I got quite some bags full of old magazines, the shelves already collapsed under their weight, that I´m now offering my friends & they love it!
Gotta go now!
Have a marvellous weekend & enjoy!!

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Is there a better way to have coffee, cake & a chat with friends then being surrounded by beautiful & unique orchids? Full of wonderful intense colours, some even have very exquisite scents (but they are pretty expensive).

Of course I couldn't go home empty handed!

I'll show you some more beauties:

Hope you'll all have a wonderful, colourful day!!

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Our little sweetie turnt 2 today!
We got her when she was just about 2 months old & she is just so adorable, you can't imagine. Always happy, sweet & full of energy. She needs a lot of walking & so do I. We both gained some kilos during the holidays (which for me is really inevitable as I travel back to the Netherlands only once a year and just have to indulge in all kinds of food I missed the past year!), so I made up my plan for the coming months... exercise and a healthier lifestyle (again!).
But for now: Happy Birthday Senna!


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