Monday 31 October 2011


It has been so many years... too many years actually... (1992!!)
since we've last visited London!
But finally, last week, we went back!!!
Must admit that it has been soooo long, that I sort of forgot where to go for what...
(and I lived one year in the UK as a student and visited London almost every weekend!).
Anyway, it was good to be back, for sure!!
In the past 19 (!!) years I've been back a couple of times but mainly
for business purposes so no chance to go sightseeing...
But next time will be sooner, that's for sure,
London is still beautiful!!
Let the pictures prove that:

Sunday 16 October 2011

We have a winner!!!!

WE DID IT!!!!!! We randomly picked a winner!!
 the winner has made some space in the living room,
the winner will be happy to have the three of us on the doorstep...
the winner will let you all enjoy the unwrapping process
and see the wonderful surprises that are in the present
by publishing an
ENORMOUS blogpost
hopefully the winner will make a delicious apple pie for us
(but somehow, we got the feeling that this will be no problem at all)!

Watch, read, listen......... we made a huge list.... a gigantic list.....
and arranged a random number generator, closed our eyes and had Diana's daughter push the button!!

Constant contact via our mobile phones (Whats App rules...) and then finally the long expected moment...

Number 72

And number 72 belongs to a very lucky person,
Santa Claus will be coming early this year at the house of
Congratulations from the three of us!
 a HUGE thank you to all the participants, sponsors & bloggers!! Thanks so much for all your enthusiasm!!

We love these kind of virtual parties, don't you?
Wishing you all a lovely, sunny Sunday!!

Saturday 15 October 2011

And more sponsors on the catwalk!

We are proud to present to you, the rest of the sponsors (which brings the total to 23!!!!) on this catwalk:

What an excitement, only one more night, one more sleep & we all will know who will be the lucky one to win this enormous package!
Tomorrow at noon (CET +1) the winner of the SFGA will be announced here, here and here.
Make sure to check back tomorrow!!
Who knows...
Sleep well...

Friday 14 October 2011

...And more sponsors of the SFGA

The first 8 sponsors you can see here but now it's time for the next part. Another 9 sponsors that made this Super Fall Give Away really SUPER!!

On the catwalk:
Tomorrow the last part of the sponsorlist...
And don't forget, there is still time to join the SFGA,
just click here and you will read what you need to do.
Who wants to miss the fabulous surprise package??
I thought so... ;)
See you tomorrow for the rest of the sponsors!!
Have a wonderful Friday & embrace the sunny fall!

Let me introduce you to...

our SPONSORS!!!!

The sponsors of the Super Fall Give Away! Without them, it wouldn't have been this SUPER you know! We (Lynda, Diana and myself) could have done what we wanted about St. Nicolas candy & Christmas decoration being too early in the shops, about the gorgeousness of the fall season, etc. it definitely wouldn't have grown to the dimensions the SFGA is now!

And that is why our sponsors all deserve their moment of 'fame'...

Of course there's more... which will follow in part 2!
And... you can still join the Super Fall Give Away by clicking SFGA, till tomorrow midnight, CET+1
Leave a 'fall-ish' comment or dedicate your next blog post to the Fall season,
it's still possible!!
Have a nice weekend & see you back for the 2nd overview of our sponsors!!

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Early morning walk

Yesterday morning I decided to go for an early morning walk in the forest near our house... 
Still a bit foggy, but the sun already appearing through the trees... 
Cobwebs all over the place... 

Mushrooms everywhere too...

There's still some sunshine here & temperatures are still pleasant too, the forecasts however
are different... & I have the feeling that fall will really start by the end of this week!
But I'm sure we will all see the beauty of it & enjoy
the cozyness of the fall season!!


Don't forget to enter the SFGA here
Still another 11 days to go...

Saturday 1 October 2011

Eline's contribution to SFGA

Eline lives in Germany, in the Frankfurt area and likes to participate in the SFGA. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a blog (yet?), so she sent me some beautiful pictures of fall in Germany.
She really captured nature at its best and I didn't want to be the only one to enjoy these pictures, so I decided to create a post with Eline's pictures, of course with her permission!!

Have a look & get caught by the beauty of Oberursel in the fall season:

The following pictures are made in Bad Homburg:

I'm sure you enjoyed this little tour through a part of Germany!
And although the weather in (Northern?) Europe is more like summer than fall,
I'm sure that soon fall will return in all its glory!

Enjoy the lovely sunny weather & you know,
you can still enter the SFGA (Super Fall Give Away)
Till the 15th of October, 2011


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