Friday 14 October 2011

Let me introduce you to...

our SPONSORS!!!!

The sponsors of the Super Fall Give Away! Without them, it wouldn't have been this SUPER you know! We (Lynda, Diana and myself) could have done what we wanted about St. Nicolas candy & Christmas decoration being too early in the shops, about the gorgeousness of the fall season, etc. it definitely wouldn't have grown to the dimensions the SFGA is now!

And that is why our sponsors all deserve their moment of 'fame'...

Of course there's more... which will follow in part 2!
And... you can still join the Super Fall Give Away by clicking SFGA, till tomorrow midnight, CET+1
Leave a 'fall-ish' comment or dedicate your next blog post to the Fall season,
it's still possible!!
Have a nice weekend & see you back for the 2nd overview of our sponsors!!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

begrijp niet goed wat ik moet doen om mee tedingen naar de 'give away'.
ik bekijk het morgen nog eens op mijn gemakje! Liefs, Hilde


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