Thursday 17 January 2013

Snow and a pinkish touch

Am I glad that I planted the bulbs last week.
And those little hints of spring from last Monday?
I hope they will survive the 'truckloads' of snow that have been falling lately, because this is what it looks like outside since Tuesday:
A winter wonderland!!

Last weekend I wanted to bake something but didn't want to spend too much time in the kitchen.
Surfing the net, I found these oreos on the blog of Fraulein Klein
Shop bought oreos and a homemade filling, I added a bit of pink food colouring too as we had some guests who would appreciate a pinkish touch :)
You can find the recipe here
They disappeared in no time...
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with sunshine & snow...
... & some skating maybe?

Monday 14 January 2013

Little hints of Spring?

Last week, when the sun was finally shining again, I planted the bulbs that had been waiting in the garage since last October...
Beautiful bulbs that I ordered during my visit of the Keukenhof. I'd forgotten all about them, untill they arrived in the mail mid October. Didn't make time to plant them then, so now there wasn't an excuse anymore as I wanted them in the ground before the frost would arrive.
In the meanwhile I looked around and saw some signs of Spring:

I really hope they will survive the predicted snow and cold the coming days...
Have a nice week & enjoy the snow!

Thursday 10 January 2013


 As promised...
We decided to visit Berlin again.
My first (and last) time was in 1988.
So I had no idea of what to expect...

Look to the right and you see beautiful old buildings...
Look to the left and you see all kinds of new and very modern buildings!

'Checkpoint Charlie'


Unter den Linden in Christmas atmosphere!
Reminded me a bit of the Champs Elysées in Paris in winter time (like you can see here).
Brandenburger Tor... not to miss :)
Couldn't make proper pictures as a huge stage and lots of 'entourage' was built for the New Years Eve celebrations (apparently the biggest one in Europe).

More old and new...

 And of course, we couldn't go home without having made our very own chocolate bar at Rittersport!
We had a great time in Berlin.
This was Thom's favorite:
A Bugatti Veyron!
Better start saving now... :)
We love to travel so we already planned our destination for the next holidays:
going back to...
... Paris!
Wishing you a nice weekend & see you next week!


Monday 7 January 2013

Hello, I'm back!

Well, hello again! Welcome to 2013. Welcome to Abacaxi & Hortelã!
It's been a while!
Enjoyed a short break during the holiday season.
Of course I prepared a nice diner for my parents and some friends for Christmas Day.
I chose for a bit of an unusual combination of colours to decorate the table: aubergine (eggplant colour) and turquoise.
As I was the cook, I, unfortunately, didn't have time to take pictures of the food I prepared...
But this was on the menu:
Trio d'amuses: goat cheese/apricot bite, mascarpone/macadamia nut crème brulée & quick roasted scallop with sesame seeds and soy sauce
Beetroot soup with wodka, sour cream and mint
Filet of duck breast with roasted figs and a red wine - forest fruit syrup
Monk fish with mango salsa, mashed parsnip/potato, grilled green vegetables
Lemon cheesecake with speculoos and blue berries
Coffee/tea & some sweet little indulgences
Yes, it was pretty good if I may say so myself ;)
And between Christmas and new years Eve we visited Berlin...
But that story will have to wait till next time :)
Have a great new week in this New Year where everything is still possible!


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