Thursday 30 August 2012

Doorwerth Castle

After our Tour d'Europe we had another 2 weeks of holidays left.
We celebrated my birthday, had friends over for diner, BBQ'd a lot and enjoyed being back home.
The second week Mr. Abacaxi & Hortelã Junior went on a week long summer sailing camp so Mr. A&H and I filled the 'no child' days with exploring the Netherlands a bit more. Thus we headed to the eastern part of the Netherlands, to Winterswijk . A lovely town with a nice atmosphere and surrounded by lots of green space where we followed parts of the Scholtenpad . It was hot, but the wind made in bearable. Of course Senna came along and she just loved to run back and forth and I guess she tripled the distance we walked!
At night we had a nice diner in the garden of Restaurant Stad Munster, I can absolutely recommend the place!! Food is delicious, atmosphere is cosy, dedicated personnel and the price is right!

After a good night's sleep, we headed out in the direction of Doetinchem where we shopped a bit and had a lovely lunch at an even lovelier place: Met Liefde by Robbert (pictures by iPhone and inside...):

The menu (glued on the inside of old newspapers, talking about re-using!):

 And then we continued our trip to our hotel in Doorwerth, near Arnhem.
After coffee & cake near the waterfront, we went out for a hike and enjoyed the view of the neighbourhood and Doorwerth Castle.

Wishing you all a nice & sunny weekend!

Tuesday 21 August 2012

The after-holidays garden

When we came back from our holiday trip, our back yard had turnt into a jungle! Sun & rain had made the plants grow wild... and the weeds too!
Last weekend we tackled the whole lot! (I planned a cocktail summer party on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday, so it absolutely needed to look good again!!).
Here are some snapshots of the flowers blooming right now:

Wishing you all a lovely week & enjoy the sunshine!!

Sunday 12 August 2012

Our holidays

Last year we travelled around in Europe for the summer holidays: from Versailles (where we lived then) we went to Bilbao (Spain) click here, on to Lisbon (Portugal) click here, Vilamouro (Algarve, Portugal) see more here, Sevilla (Spain), Marbella click here for Sevilla & Marbella, Pamplona and via Pau  (France) see more Pamplona & Pau here back to Versailles. Almost 4 weeks and many kilometres :)
For this year we had other plans: another 'Tour d'Europe' but this time the more eastern part of Europe:
From the Netherlands to Munich (visiting friends), on to Ljubljana (Slovenia), continuing to Novi Vinodolski (Croatia) where we spent a week on a bay of the Mediterranean Sea, then Verona (Italy) and via Luzern (Switserland) and Heidelberg (Germany, visiting other friends) back to the Netherlands.

And we had a great time again!
So many beautiful places we visited, lovely relaxing time on the beach, delicious (and too many) meals with local specialties & just spending time together as a family...
Loved it!
Back home & one more week of holidays left...guess that means some cleaning, some (lots of!) laundry, some gardening & still some time to enjoy the time off!

Have a lovely week!

Thursday 9 August 2012

Party time!

Will you join me here today?
It's party time!
Celebrating another year...

Let's have tea first...
with some cake of course!

And later we'll continue with something else...

Thank you so much for celebrating with me!
Will see you soon again!


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