Thursday 17 April 2008


Living in Brazil has its advantages.

Full time personnel is one of them. I don't need to worry about the laundry, the ironing or the cleaning. One of the few things I still do is cooking a meal for the family at night. But I just leave the kitchen as it is, it will be clean again soon!
The bad thing about it (yes there is, believe me!), is always having people in your house, always noise... (ok, I must admit that the advantages are more important than the disadvantages!!), whether you're in the mood or not.

So today was my lucky day!
Nobody around!

Boy, how much I like that, I just stayed in. Didn't even fancy going anywhere!
And thus treated myself to a nice lunch in the garden (instead of a quick sandwich while running around like crazy):

A tasteful green salad with little tomatoes, basil and roasted pineseeds, a healthy roll with some french cheese and as dessert a bowl of yoghurt with fresh strawberries.

I enjoyed the calm atmosphere of my garden (even the neighbours' personnel was quiet...), savored my lunch while admiring beautiful pictures in some magazines (Country Living and British Homes & Gardens) and just was HAPPY!

Have a HAPPY day!

Love, C.


Anja said...

Whaaaaa jij hebt gewoon personeel... dat zou ook echt iets voor mij zijn. Eigenlijk ben ik niet zo van het huishouden, laat mij maar een beetje vliegen, rennen, regelen... vind ik prima!

vosgesparis said...

lijkt me heerlijk zo'n dagje weer eens in de zon ... of met een beetje lekkere temperatuur in de tuin te kunnen zitten.. het is je gegund ;)

Cris said...

Hi! Glad you liked the picture of Sao Paulo. This is a fun post to read because that's all I hear from my friends who get to live here for a while and then need to go back home... :-) I also have two food blogs, just pick the language, hehe. Take care.

Charmingdesigns said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog,, not sure why are are there...but no laundry or dishes...I'm coming Ok, I'm back to reading your blog. laurie

faire un songe said...

Ohh heerlijk aanschuiven op het terras in de zon..bofferd..
Fijn weekend


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