Tuesday 26 August 2008

Orchids...just beautiful

Still working in the garden and trying to make it look colourful and cosy but hopefully easy to maintain. Bought some plants and tried to get the lawn green again...

There's already some splash of colour in the garden as the orchids finally (oh no, I'm not impatient at all!) started to bloom. The pink is so intense, I can just sit there and admire the flower.

Next week, I will have the painters starting on the ceiling of the veranda. It is really nice to have a big veranda, in very sunny times it's a cool(er) place to sit and in times of heat with tropical rain showers it is still nice to sit outside, but not getting wet. Our veranda is quite large which hardly enables the light to get into the house, so it's rather dark in the living room.

So I decided to have the ceiling of the veranda painted white... hope that solves the darkness problem.

This is how it looks now... just wait and see the result!


Splashes of Pink and Mint said...

Wat een prchtige orchideën!!! Hier betaal je je scheel voor een beetje fatsoenlijk plantje!
Ik geloof dat het wel erg mooi zal zijn als het plafond eenmaal wit is. Lijkt me ook zo gaaf een veranda aan het huis, maar ik zit dus met hetzelfde probleem, ik ben bang dat het veel te donker gaat worden in huis. Mischien met lichtdoorlatende platen...mmm.... daar denken we nog even over na!

Anonymous said...

Orchids -- yes, beautiful! These have lovely colors.

Have fun working on your veranda.

Happy Ecological Day!


Pietro Brosio said...

Bright pictures of very nice flowers!
Enjoy the Ecological Day!

Anonymous said...

This is not a garden with flowers. It is the Paradise, Chantal.

sonia a. mascaro said...

What a wonderful flowers, Chantal! Just a paradise indeed! A great post to Ecological Day! Thank you for join us!


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