Sunday 14 September 2008

Some cooking and baking

O yes, the weather was too boring so I spent the Saturday afternoon cooking and baking in the kitchen (cosy!), preparing a dinner for friends.
For dinner I prepared a simple 'caprese' as a starter, 'abadejo' (a tasty white fish) with a parsley-oregano-chilly pepper crust together with a nice little cone of brocoli-rice and a fresh salad, desert was a strawberry tiramisu. And this last one was just awesome, so tasty and creamy... just yummy!
From the dark brown bananas I'm going to make a banana-nut-bread today.... Yummy too! (It'll be gym time the whole week!!).
Oh, oh, these cold, dark, rainy days... comfort food...


Bertina said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, your tiramisu looks delicious, I am at my work now, eating a sandwich with cheese and a glass of milk, but I woul love a piece of your tiramisu!
Funny that the weather at your place was not nice this weekend. In the north of Holland we had lovely weather this weekend.
I wish you a nice week!

I. said...

Mmm, die tiramisu lijkt me zoooo heerlijk! Het water loopt me in de mond ;-)
Fijne dag nog!
Groetjes van I.


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