Wednesday 10 September 2008

Orchids... any colour, size, scent you can imagine!

This morning I went to an international womens meeting in the 'Orquidário': a beautiful orchid nursery.

The species they grow are amazing: all kinds of colours, shapes, scents (and prices)!

Apart from a tour through the nursery, there was time to chat, get to know each other, drink coffee and eat (too much) cake! A lot of nationalities gathered in this relaxing, colourful place, you hardly realize that you're in the city of São Paulo!

And after this I went on... having lunch with some Dutch friends in the garden of a cute little restaurant, just around the corner of our house. Chatting and eating again. So tonight... just some green leaves for dinner! (and maybe some Italian bread... put some mix in the bread machine, but not sure if it'll be ready on time!)

1 comment:

LiLi M. said...

Mooi!! En je brengt me weer op ideeën; de broodmachine, toch ook maar weer eens onder het stof uithalen! Fijne dag!


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