Wednesday 17 February 2010

Game & puzzle time...
After a game of Monopoly & Risk (I lost both!!), we started this 1,000 pieces puzzle.
Cold outside, warm & cosy inside, cup of tea, glass of wine (depending on the time of the day of course) and trying to put the pieces together.
Good for an unpatient person like me!

Although there are still quite some things to do in & around the house, making this puzzle is quite relaxing! Still not finished, so guess what I'll be doing tonight?

Enjoy this beautiful Thursday!

XX Chantal

1 comment:

Solange said...

puzzelen is echt gezellig, maar heb het al jaren niet meer gedaan, jammer eigenlijk, ga het weer eens proberen :-)

hier nog koud, maar geen sneew meer, hoop dat de zon zich weer laat zien.
fijn weekend! en succes met winnen...


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