Tuesday 9 March 2010

This & that

Finally I got back to exercising; jazzercise that is. Feeling sore already... Nice combination of dancing, aerobics & toning. I feel muscles that I didn't even remember having them.
Hope it'll be better soon as I have planned to start painting the guest room because our first guests are expected end of this month already, my parents. Looking forward to that!

When that is done I have to finish some curtain projects, buy some lamps (for the dining area is getting crucial now, too dark there!), cleaning out the basement and hopefully the weather will then be nice enough to start working in the garden. Really need to as it looks like a wilderness now (apparently the previous tenants were not so keen on maintaining the garden).
We, on the contrary, love to be outside, surrounded by beautiful plants & flowers. So don't worry that I'm getting bored here in Versailles! No time for that!!

And do you see the flowers? Aren't they just gorgeous? Got them this morning from a friend, for our new home. I feel so spoilt (thanks so much Manuela!).

I made a to-do list last night, so let's see where to start...
Have a lovely Wednesday!


Hillary said...

I think my body felt the same as yours after my aerobic class! We must do what we have to right?

Beautiful flowers! That was very sweet of your friend.

Heidi said...

Hé Chantal...je bent weer in Europa gestrand en dan nog wel in Frankrijk! Ik zag je nieuwe huis op de foto, dat ziet er prachtig uit, ben benieuwd naar de binnenkant!

Veel plezier op je nieuwe stek!

Groetjes Heidi

Eighty-Eight Ideas said...

I want to move in!! Great photos!
Best, Connie


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