Friday 21 May 2010

Our own little kitchen garden!

We got some strawberry plants and little sprouts of lathyrus not so long ago and they grow like crazy! Shortly we'll have our own fresh strawberries... can't wait!
Thom was so excited about it all that we decided to enlarge our hortus! But as our garden is pretty tough to work in, we chose for a kitchen garden in pots & vases instead. So we planted little sprouts of cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, melon, broccoli and several salads. We also added some seeds of roquette and ipomea.
Thom is the care taker here, so he's the one to do the planting & watering. Although it seems pretty difficult to me to stay out of this 'project'!!

And you know what? Just realised that summer holidays are only 4 weeks away... yeah!

Have a great & sunny weekend (we'll have a long weekend again) & enjoy your garden, balcony, window view, etc.!! I'm off to the market now for some bread & flowers.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

IK WEET HET!!! jij mag onkruid trekken :D!!!! Wij mogen nog 9 weken wachten op zomervakantie.....maaaaaaaaaaaaar dat betekend dus dat wij ook vijf weken LATER weer beginnen dan bij jullie:D......ach...kan ik mee leven.........



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