Wednesday 11 January 2012

New Spring colours...

Be warned: totally different subject ;-)

Although it's only just January, I counldn't resist to buy some Spring colours.
When I saw the new Chanel colours (no I'm not sponsored by Chanel) I was convinced!
The new nail polish colours are April, May and June (what a coincidence...) and they are really candy colours, especially May and June. I think they will look wonderful come summer!
But April definitely can be worn as from now!

Lipstick, blusher, powder... all in such a lovely colour tones!
And so I also came home with this one:

4 Colours: peach, gold, beige and plum
Can't wait to try them out!!
 And this eyeshadow quadra just matches my new ski jacket perfectly :))
So I definitely won't be the fastest, nor the best skier on the slopes,
but at least I will go down
 (down as in: 'down the mountain' or as in 'down with my face in the snow'??) 
in style... 

And you? Do you wear make-up and/or use nail polish? (and do they match your ski jacket...?)
If so, what are your favorite colours/brands?

Wishing you all a colourful week!!
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Rozmeen said...

Hoi Chantal,

Ik wilde je nog even de beste wensen wensen voor het nieuwe jaar! Gezondheid, liefde en veel geluk!


Rumour has it said...

Hoi Chantal, ik denk dat ik mezelf ook maar even ´geweld´ ga aandoen: voor mij hoeft het niet per se Chanel te zijn om goed en mooi te zijn, maar deze lente-kleurtjes zijn echt wel supermooi. Het kleurtje op je nagels spreekt me helemaal aan en zo kleurig en fleurig gaan we graag het nieuwe jaar door! :) Van harte nog beste wensen en groetjes,

Unknown said...

nog ff kleurnummer van oogschaduw ennnn je lipstick laten zien happY!!!


Tretswelt said...

Oiiiiii!Es ist wunderbar hier.Ich komme wieder.Schönes W.E.Bussi.Luciene.


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