Monday 27 May 2013

The International Lonely Bouquet Day

Flowers are very important to me. I love my garden full of flowers, I love my house full of flowers and I just can't get enough of making pictures of flowers.
Flowers make me happy!
For me they change a house into a home,
they change a piece of land into a cozy garden, our outdoor home!

Emily from the beautiful blog Fleuropean has started a wonderful initiative:
the International Lonely Bouquet Day!

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to dedicate one day a year to making strangers happy.
How does it work?
1) pick flowers fresh from the garden or go wild on wild flowers... 2) arrange the flowers in a small, recycled jar, 3) add a signature “take me!” tag, and 4) leave the homegrown arrangement behind for a lucky local to take home.
You have just delivered a handful of flowers that will surely put a smile on a stranger’s face.
I'm in! Do you join me? June 30 is THE day!!
For more information please have a look at The Lonely Bouquet Day.
I'm counting on you!!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Beautiful, Chantal! I think flowers hold the power to make most people happy... that's the universal beauty of nature. I'm so happy that you'll join the flower power team as we make June 30th the most colorful, fragrant day of the year! :D
xx Emily


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