Monday 18 November 2013

Fun, food & flavours

After months of absence I'm back here again! And I'm happy to be back again :)
I hope that you are happy that I'm back again??
The cause of my absence here is that I had gotten tired of the blogging, the constant thinking of subjects, taking pictures, etc. I wanted to see for real instead of through my camera lens. I felt I didn't have anything interesting to tell nor show.
That was one reason.
The other reason is that I have been busy thinking and busy organizing.
This resulted in setting up my own (small) business:
Fun, food & flavours (click on link to go the the website)
It is in Dutch but you can use the Google translator for your convenience.
I decided that I will continue with this personal blog too, it's been a part of me for too long now, can't just say good bye...
So be prepared... I'll be back soon!


Home and Lifestyle said...

Natuurlijk vind ik het gezellig dat je er weer bent. Ik heb je nieuwe site bekeken, dit ziet er goed uit. Ik hoop van harte dat het heel succesvol wordt.

Fijne avond Chantal. Liefs, Ingrid

House of Flavours said...

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Anonymous said...

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