Monday 23 June 2008

Enjoying time with family and friends...

It's good to be back home (but is it really home?)!!
After a good (but always too long) flight we arrived safely in rainy Holland.
Fortunately, the temperature got up and the sun appeared.
We took advantage of this and went for a nice walk (about 15 km) around a small town in the south of the Netherlands: Thorn - het witte stadje (the little white town).

Picture from internet, by Maria Bonten

Apart from lovely houses and a beautiful centre of town, nature is gorgeous as well. While walking, we passed a little church that was being renovated. Next to this little church, was a (of course white) house where they offered a garage/garden sale ánd coffee and cake (a huge necessity when walking :-0). The money raised was being used to support the renovation and restauration of this little and charming church.

So we entered the back yard and... arrived in heaven. This was sooooo beautiful, I tried to capture it in pictures, but that was hardly impossible. I would love to share some pictures with you and I hope you love it as much as I did:

Did I say too much??
Have a nice day!
Love, C.



Que delíciaaaa!!!
Estou anciosa pra ver as fotos que vai tirar!!!
Estarei esperando, boas férias pra vc, e sua família!!!
É sempre bom estar em casa né?!

Anja said...

Ziet er heel erg leuk uit maar: WAT HEB JE GEKOCHT :D

Fijn dat je weer veilig hier bent, ik hoop dat de reis verder (en terug, haha) ook geslaagd zal zijn!

Anonymous said...

Hé Chantal, welkom in zonnig Nederland. Lekker luieren en genieten. Je hebt toch vakantie! Maar ik begrijp dat je je niet helemaal meer thuis voelt hier. Ben je al lang "in den vreemden"? Veel plezier en geniet van Hollands beste dingen!

Splashes of Pink and Mint said...

Wat leuk dat je zelfs even een blogje post vanuit Nederland! Je foto's zien er inderdaad "hemels" uit, zou daar ook graag even een kijkje genomen hebben! Nog heel veel plezier hier!


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