Wednesday 18 June 2008

Ready for take off

Suitcases, clothes, shoes and presents everywhere...

Tonight we're flying to the Netherlands for a loooooooooooooong vacation!

Only back in August!!

Very much looking forward to meeting family and friends again, riding a bike, hiking in the hills, observing the Dutch cows, walking to the supermarket, strolling around cities in fresh air (instead of a covered shopping mall), enjoying the pleasures of a well-organized country.

But missing the friendly Brazilians, always open for a chat, happy to serve you whether it is in a supermarket, the little bakery around the corner, a restaurant or a parking place, always a smile on their face, the way they approach you: 'olá querida, ' bom dia linda'. But it's only for 7 weeks, guess I can manage that...

So we're off, hope to have some spare time to blog every now and then.

Either from the Netherlands or the States (we've planned a trip from New York to Washington D.C. and then we drive down to Orlando, any tips on where to go between Washington and Orlando are more than welcome!!), I'll do my best...

Take care everyone and hoop to meet you again soon in blogland!!

Love, C.


LiLi M. said...

Heel veel plezier Chantal! Pas goed op jezelf! Helaas kan ik je geen tips geven voor het gebied tussen Washington en Orlando, wij zijn niet noordelijker geweest dan Orlando. Fototoestel mee...en we zien je weer...groetjes L.

Anja said...

Jeeeeeeeee! Vakantietijd!!!
Heel veel plezier voor jou, je man en je zoon natuurlijk ook, maar dat zal wel lukken. Had nooit gedacht dat je naar 'fietsen' en 'naar de supermarkt lopen' uit zou gaan zien als je een tijdje overzees bent ;-)



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